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What Surgeries Require Lymphatic Drainage?

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

At Professional Lymphatic Therapy, we see clients with a myriad of medical conditions, but much of our business consists of treating individuals who have recently undergone cosmetic or medically necessary surgery. If you’ve read my previous blogs or watched my videos, you already know that the lymphatic system is a vascular system that filters and removes toxins, waste, excess fluid, etc., from the body. So, often when we undergo a surgical procedure, somewhere in the body, the lymphatic pathway has been interrupted or cut off completely. The result is swelling (the body’s natural healing response), tenderness and discomfort, and left untreated, our bodies can develop fibrosis, scar tissue and adhesions that are tough to mitigate if we wait too long after the surgery. Lymphatic drainage treatments* can help!

By working gently – always gently – on the tissue surrounding the surgical area, we are able to ‘soften’ the underlying edema (swelling), relax the superficial tissue (skin) and help the lymphatic vessels ‘remember’ their primary job. Clients often report feeling “much better” after their first visit! On subsequent visits, as the tissue begins to heal, we can work a little deeper – still, ever so gently – to release underlying adhesions and/or soften the fibrosis that often occur during the healing stage. Each visit brings more relief and even more results, and we can make the surgeon’s work look really good!!

As you can imagine every client is different, every surgeon is different and every healing process is different. So, we are proud of the fact that we customize your treatments to suit YOUR healing needs. That means that we do not recommend a pre-set treatment plan on our website or over the phone. Until we meet with you, learn about your health history and treat your tissue, we simply can’t responsibly recommend a treatment plan over the phone. But don’t let that prevent you from giving us a call if you have questions; we’ll be happy to help.

We typically see clients who have undergone procedures like:

· Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

· Tummy Tuck

· Liposuction

· Fat Transfer

· DIEP Flap Reconstruction

· Arm/Leg Lift

· Facelift

· Breast Implant/explant

· Lymph Node Removal

· Mastectomy/Breast Reconstruction

· Chemo/Radiation

Take a look at our Client Images page to see some of the results we’ve been able to achieve using traditional MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) as well as our Lymphstar Pro Fusion device (Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy) which utilizes sound waves and gentle electromagnetic waves to ‘wake up’ stubborn lymph or break up fibrous tissue. Then, book your first session on our website and let us help you begin your healing process!

*Please note that the treatments we provide do NOT involve wound care nor do we interact with external fluids in anyway.

Photo compliments of National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Photo compliments of National Cancer Institute


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