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Other Detox

Ionic Detox Foot Baths -  

Just like our lymphatic treatments - the ionic detox foot baths can be an excellent option to help the body rid itself of toxins – and it’s just as relaxing and enjoyable! Remember, when the body is able to effectively eliminate toxins & waste, it is better able to repair itself and return to homeostasis (the ability of the body to maintain a stable internal environment despite changes in external conditions) – and that’s what we’re all about here at Professional Lymphatic Therapy and Colonics! 

This treatment may be appropriate if you suffer from:

  • Swelling & inflammation

  • Skin conditions

  • Headaches/fatigue/insomnia

  • Weak immune system

  • Muscle and/or joint aches

  • Brain fog/memory issues

Clients have reported some of these benefits:

  • Additional energy

  • Clearer skin

  • Improved mood and sleep

  • Enhanced focus and mental clarity

  • More relaxed; a sense of well-being

  • Reduced swelling/puffiness

  • Less joint and/or muscle pain

  • Increased circulation and nutrient absorption

  • CONTRAINDICATIONS: This treatment is not appropriate if you...

  • have an implanted electrical device

  • have a transplanted organ

  • are pregnant 

  • suffer with diabetes-related neuropathy

  • have open sores or wounds on your legs or feet


Book a Bio-Mat Treatment on our table, or get your own Bio-Mat for home use.

Here are some reasons we love the Bio-Mat:

  • Bursting with amethyst crystals emitting...

  • far infrared heat, which...

  • penetrates deeply into the tissue, encouraging...

  • healing circulation

  • You control the heat settings, which allow for gentle relaxation or deep detoxification and it... 

  • has a built-in EMF blocker

  • The Bio-Mat is an FDA approved device (medical insurance may cover the cost)

  • It just feels so darned good and our clients love it!


In fact, you can try it today by booking an ALA-CARTE BioMat session or our new TOTAL BODY DETOX session: Enjoy this detoxifying session, which includes four heavenly treatments:

  • 30 minute Lymphatic Enhancement Treatment

  • 10 scalp OR foot massage (decide when you arrive)

  • 10 minute far infrared relaxation on the amethyst Bio-Mat

  • 30 minute detoxifying foot bath

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