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Lymph Found Me

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

When I left my corporate career back in 2012, I now realize I was running more from corporate life than to a career massage therapy. I just knew I had to make a drastic change if I was to have a quality life/work balance. So I took the leap, quit my job, went to massage therapy school and graduated with honors!

The first few years of self-employment were a mixture of excitement, enthrallment (I didn't realize bodywork could help so significantly!) and daunting fear. Could I REALLY make a living doing massage? My favorite clients were seniors, women and individuals with complicated health issues; I found that type of work to be very rewarding. Then, a woman that I'll call my Earth Angel dropped into my life and encouraged me to specialize in lymphatic work. And there it was: I found my niche! Perhaps more accurately, lymph found me!

Soon, I was being sought after by individuals with complex health issues like Lyme Disease, Hashimoto's, Cancer, Lupus and other auto-immune disorders. Women that had - or were planning to have mastectomies and other life-changing surgeries were finding their way to me. I was making a difference AND earning a living! I built a strong reputation in the medical community and I can proudly say I’m known for consistency, strong ethics, compassion and professionalism. As my business grew, I added another therapist, Cory. She and I work in tandem with our many clients; we've become a trusted resource in our community.

As we continue to grow and serve our clients, we’ve added more services that will benefit our demographic: treatments like Ionic Detox Foot Baths, use of the Bio-Mat, Hot Stone Massage for those requiring additional stress reduction (which is excellent for good health), and we’ll soon be offering colon hydrotherapy.

It all started with a decision to take a bold leap to improve my quality of life, and much to my surprise, my work now helps others do the same. What could be better than that?


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