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We have carefully chosen these companies because they offer products that specifically address the concerns of our clients. If you're immune compromised, you'll want to click on the next few pages.
Beauty Counter

This line makes me happy because 1) their products have NONE of the 1500+ nasty ingredients that have been banned in other countries, and 2) they're actively working to change US legislation to ban these harmful ingredients from our personal care products. Yay, team!

Counterpoint #4.PNG
Essential Starr Products

Patricia has been creating her own line of plant-based and natural products for decades. I especially like her oils (check out Seven Thieves), her talc-free body powders and her deodorants. They actually work!

Brain Sync

I've been using Kelly Howell's products for years. I was drawn to her not only because of the vast number of topics she covers in her meditation series, but because she created them in various brain wave frequencies. Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Theta wave meditations are all available on her website. Relax, enjoy and heal.

Healing Medititation.PNG
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