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What Does a Hot Stone Massage Do?

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Hot Stones are an excellent way to release muscle tension. We have this idea that Hot Stones are a fancy spa service; in reality, they are so much more. It is unclear which ancient civilization was the first to introduce heated stones. We do know that the stones were placed and intended to simply sit on the body, as the heat was said to relieve health conditions as well as pain. This practice dates back thousands of years. What is for certain is that their origin has been found in India, China, The Hawaiian Islands, and Indigenous societies across the Americas. Today, apart from ancient practitioners, Hot Sones have been integrated into the massage therapy community and it is a widely practiced treatment enjoyed by many.

Hot Stones are Basalt Rocks warmed up in a heating unit and are applied during a massage. They can be placed to sit directly on tissue, or the therapist may choose to incorporate them in a massage stroke. Your therapist may use a stone in one hand and follow the path of the heat with another…applying more pressure with the bare hand, sinking into deeper muscle layers for a more therapeutic service. The application of heat allows for an increase in circulation to a muscle. The fresh blood that is brought to the area will soften the muscle and allow the therapist to work deeper, without additional discomfort. The absence of a Hot Stone means a therapist will have to work longer on one specific area to achieve the same effect.

If a client is looking for a deep tissue massage but is more sensitive or does not enjoy a lot of pressure, a Hot Stone Massage may be highly beneficial. However, Hot Stones are not recommended for individuals living with varicose veins, undergoing cancer treatments, lymphedema, and/or recent breaks & injuries.

~Cory Stein, LMT, FLMA#88928

Cory has been providing Hot Stone massage for over 3 years and is now excited to offer this service to Professional Lymphatic Therapy. Book your Hot Stone session with Cory on the Book Services page of our website.

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