Other Services Provided at Our Studio...

CranioSacral and Neuromuscular Massage Therapy: By complementing the body's natural healing processes, CranioSacral Therapy is increasingly used as a preventive health measure for its ability to bolster resistance to disease. Coupled with Neuromuscular Therapy )(NMT), CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is effective for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction including migraines, chronic neck & back pain, stress & tension disorders, fibromyalgia, TMJD, emotional difficulties, autism and more.

Thermography is an excellent tool for monitoring lymphatic congestion and subsequent improvement through lymphatic drainage therapy. All disease grows in a congested environment and creating healthy lymph flow is essential to our overall health. This beneficial therapy empowers people to proactively obtain the health they desire.


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