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* COVID-19 UPDATE AS OF 5/5/2021 - The Governor's recent order shifts responsibility to private businesses for creating and enforcing safety measures for COVID-control policies.

In light of the fact that most of our clients are immuno-compromised, we will always err on the side of caution on their behalf. Having said that, we will maintain elevated levels of sanitation in between clients, but our work does not allow us to social distance. So, we will continue to wear masks and we ask that our patrons also wear masks while in our facility. We’re encouraged by the progress being made, so we're hoping that by July 1st (when SB2006 actually becomes law), we'll be able to loosen our policy.

Until then, we trust that you will support us in our efforts to protect even the weakest in our population by helping us maintain a safe, secure and sanitary facility at Professional Lymphatic Therapy. Looking forward to seeing your smiles again this summer!

Please contact your practitioner directly to book.